7 Tips For Sellers

In order to have the best experience in selling at our auction, follow the tips below

  1. Be prepared for the auction. Last minute rushes can end in chaotic messes. Read up on the receiving deadlines and advertising deadlines. Bring equipment in well before the deadlines. Last minute rushes are not appreciated
  2. Know your piece. It makes its 10 times easier for you and us if you know a lot about your item versus us getting all the descriptions. bringing in a sheet of all the information you know is very helpful- we appreciate it
  3. Do NOT hide anything. Hiding information about your piece which you feel would make it fetch less is not allowed. Be upfront. Just as you being the buyer and finding that the item you bought has a bad transmission, or the insides are ripped out; you would feel J Martin Auctions did not do the right job representing the item. Although the auction is as is- where is, we still need to know everything about the item and we will upfront ask what is wrong with it. should you as the seller represent the item wrong; we have the right to return you the item and refund the buyer.
  4. Bring the items in yourself. i know that is not always possible. But if at all possible- it is very much appreciated. in addition to signing the sellers contract, the owners are able to give more accurate information on there items
  5. If you have a preference on what day your item sells- tell us up front. I have had a few customers call me up the day of the first auction and say they wanted their piece in the other day- which at that point, i can not do anything about it. We have been doing these 2 day auctions for about 2 years now at the time of this article- and we now have a feel on what sells best which day. If you dont have a preference, we will use our knowledge on were we feel it will sell best.
  6. I have a vehicle to sell. If you are selling a vehicle here, that requires extra paperwork signed and is a longer process. We have gotten very strict on vehicles and do a whole run down sheet on engine, transmission, drive train, & other key parts of a vehicle. You need to have a clear open title for the vehicle. The vehicle MUST be brought in by the actual owner, or the extra paperwork signed and sent in before hand. the paperwork can be accessed on the selling page on our website. Like any other item, if you sell it as a good working item and it is not, the item will be returned to you and the buyer refunded
  7. No need to call in after the auction. We process all the buyers and start processing the sellers statements a few days after the auction. checks get mailed out with in seven business days following the auction to the address you provided at time of sign in.

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