Preserve Your Real Estate With Wildlife Management

Buying land is still considered one of the safest long-term investments for growth. But how can you maximize that investment beyond crops and pasturing, to it’s full potential?
Are your blocks of timber home to deer, squirrels, or turkey? A pond of field frequented by fowl? One possibility is to rent it out to hunters for extra income.

As rural landscape in the United States continues to erode due to urban sprawl, quality wildlife habitat is lost and as a byproduct, less land is availible to hunters. Many hunters seek out private land to lease or rent because they desire more controlled hunting experiences with less competition, fewer disruptions from other hunters on public land, and the ability to have a bigger impact on how game is managed.

Multiple benefits; besides extra income are:

  • Assistance in reducing crop damage caused by wildlife
  • Reduced trespassing and poaching
  • The ability to avoid hunting party conflicts
  • Peace of mind knowing someone has an eye on your property
  • ¬†Security of a contractual agreement
  • ¬†Satisfaction of knowing you contributed to someone’s joy of the outdoors

But, properly managing hunting contracts can become a liablity, with the traditional method of leasing directly from the property owners to the hunters. This is where I-Hunt comes in. I-Hunt, the future of hunting, conveniently simplifies the rental process for the farmer and hunter and places it all in a mobile app. Browse and rent hunting stands all over the United States. This platform offers liability insurance, making the process as simple for the farmer as uploading pictures of your hunting site, setting your rate, and accepting the bookings!

In conclusion, renting out your land for recreational use is a great way to fully utilize your property, create an extra revenue stream, and provide much needed access opportunities for sportsmen and women.


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