Let’s Talk About Website Traffic

As January comes to a close, we wave goodbye to the slowest month of the year for us.
As we gear up for the spring season- we can see all our customers do the same.

From December 1st to January 30th (which is the quietest months of the year) we saw a total of:
90, 073 pageviews from 34,280 customers (W.O.W.!!)

98% of website traffic comes from the United States, with Canada right behind it- then Indoneisa, Australia, China, Germeny, Mexico, India, Philippines, and more.
New visiters continues to uphold its strength at 81% with 59% viewing our site mobily, 36% desktop, and 5% tablet
Our site has a server response time of 2.33s and a total blocking time of 0.71s

Talk about publicity! (and that’s only our website!) When you list and auction or an item to sell thru one of our auctions, your items gets infront of interested bidders from all over the world. We have many other advertisement streams elsewere- bringing your items to the active market.

The market continues to hold most of its previous year’s strength, we look forward to a strong spring season.

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