Beware of Spam Emails!!

More and more, large and small companies are getting targeted and spammed- their websites, accounting and operating systems are getting locked down & it takes extensive work & money to reopen & get all their information back.

You may be thinking, How do they get spammed? Its thru bad links and attachments on spam emails. NEVER click on any link in an email that you do not know the sender. And most preferably- even if you know the sender but was not expecting the email, contact them to make sure it was them. spammers can get into others email accounts and send emails out.

Attachments other than Pdf, office (excel, word, PowerPoint, etc.), & adobe files (Lightroom, InDesign, etc.). can carry viruses and you should be very careful in opening them.

Should you get an email from email, please do not open any attachments or click links if the emails look suspicious. Not only can the virus ruin your operating system, there is potential it could ruin ours also.

Help spread the awareness!!

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