Advertising For Our Equipment Auctions

Many people underestimate the power of advertising. And why do I say this?

Advertising is EVERYTHING when it comes to selling machinery. Especially high dollar & specialty equipment.

When your items get in our early auction advertising, they get in front of millions of people. With advertising in the Lancaster Farming & Country Folks, we hit all the farmers in the Northeast & Central USA. Advertising in the local papers & shoppers we hit all the local homeowners.
And online marketing!! In this digital world, that’s a key factor to advertising!
That’s our website- which gets between 15k-30k hits on the auction listing alone, Online catalog listing views of 100k, Email marketing- which hits the imboxes of 4k people, & text marketing- which reaches around 1k people.

That’s major!! In those stats alone, you can see how important advertising is!

I start my advertising a month+ ahead of the auction, so the earlier your listing gets in, the better!

Use the selling page to send in your equipment, including pictures! Or contact us with any question!

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