Lakeview Holsteins Dairy Auction

-Lakeview Holsteins  Dairy Auction-
, July 17 @ 11:00 AM
2456 Route 14 - Penn Yan, NY 14527
Phone: 315-856-8447     Fax: 315-856-8448

This is a once a month dairy auction we conduct every 3rd Friday of the month, selling Registered & Grade dairy cattle w/ lots of Top Quality animals. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Lakeview Holsteins has protocols in place to make it a healthy environment.
Dairy promotion Month, Come over for free ice cream and treats!! Jay Martin and Raymond Zimmerman thank everyone thats been part of Lakeveiw Holstein this year!

1: 3 Springing AI sired heifers from Burr Farms, (Nice Heifers)
2: 55 Head Holstein and Cross Dairy herd from Richard Lapoma from Avon Ny. w/ 39 milking, 4 dry, 11 bred heifers bred 2-7 month and Holstein service bull, averaging 60#, 120,000 scc, Milked in Tie stall  and go out every day,Vac w/ Master Guard gold twice a year,  (Good Cattle)
3: 30 Top Holstein Dairy cattle from Burkeside Farm Inc- milking in the 80's, This is the Top 30 head out of a 60 cow dairy, w/ some milking up to 125# a day, Tie stall Dairy, Low scc, 4.0% fat, 3.2% prot
4: 3 Top Fresh heifers from Joe Bacon, Sold dairy here at Lakeveiw, (Good heifers)
5: Holstein service bull born 2-21-19, sired by Atwood Brady-et, dam 4 year record 300 days made 26,490#, 4.4% fat, 3.4% prot,
6: 5 Fresh 1st and 2nd calf heifers from Penn Haven Holsteins, sired by Awesome red, Diamond back,Airlift,  milking up to 92#
7: 20 Head of Dairy from Eugene Zimmerman from Rushville Ny, this is the best 20 out of the 40 head dairy, Eugene decided to sell dairy and put all his time in he's excavating business.
8: 6- Open and short bred heifers from Virgil Weaver
9: 15 Fresh and Springing heifers, AI sired out of a large overstocked dairy, (Milking well)
10: 15 open and short bred heifers from Local dairy
11: Plus lots more quality Heifers and bulls till auction 

Last Auction we sold 150 Head of dairy cattle w/ Top Heifer selling for $1,575

Please have cattle to auction by 1:00 PM Thursday, vet comes at 1:30. Also please vaccinate your cattle and send the info along as the buyers will pay a premium for vaccinated cattle! Thank you


                    Auctioneers Note: Do you have Dairy cattle to sell?. Lakeveiw Holsteins has protocols in place to make this a quality environment to buy and sell Dairy Cattle.






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