Lakeview Holsteins Dairy Auction

-Lakeview Holsteins  Dairy Auction-
, Oct-18th- @11:00 AM
2456 State Route 14 - Penn Yan, NY 1452

This is a once a month dairy auction we conduct every 3rd Friday of the month selling Registered & Grade dairy cattle w/ lots of Top Quality animals. Whether you are looking to buy or sell Lakeview Holsteins has protocols in place to make it a healthy environment.

Last Auction we sold 200 Head of dairy cattle w/ Top Heifer selling for $1,625

Please have cattle to auction by 1:00 PM Thursday, vet comes at 1:30. Also please vaccinate your cattle and send the info along as the buyers will pay a premium for vaccinated cattle! Thank you

1: 6 AI Sired springing Holstein heifers from local farm, 25,500 rolling herd average.
2: 12 Open & Short bred heifers from Lewis George
3: 2 AI Sired Holstein service bulls. one with 32,000 lb dam
4: 800 lb. open Holstein heifers
5: 15 Top milking first calf heifers from an overstocked farm averaging 80 lb. in tank
6: 6 Fresh & springing heifers from local heifer raisers
7: 8 Short bred heifers from Maple Grove Farms, vac on farm
8: 30 Head Holstein dairy from Ben Stoltzfus, Vac on farm, milking 60# in tank
9: Plus lots more heifers & service bulls until auction date
10: Have cattle to auction by Thursday @ 1:00. Vet comes @ 1:30.
11: Please have all cattle vac before auction date as buyers will pay a premium for vac cattle!

                    Auctioneers Note: Do you have Dairy cattle to sell?. Lakeveiw Holsteins has protocols in place to make this a quality environment to buy and sell Dairy Cattle.. Last auction we sold 140 head with top heifer selling for $1,625